Thousands of children disappear while they are on the move in Europe.
Mind the Children supports cross-border investigations
and raises awareness on the issue.


Exhibition Lost in Europe

The Lost in Europe exhibition opens in Brussels!

Thousands of migrant children have gone missing after arriving in Europe. Lost in Europe aims to uncover the stories of ...
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Prix Europa nominates two Lost in Europe stories

Lost in Europe is nominated for its productions in two categories: 'Radio Current Affairs' and 'TV Current Affairs' by Prix ...
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World Refugee Day: at least 440 children died while attempting to reach Europe

Since 2018, at least 440 children have died trying to reach Europe and apply for asylum there. This is evident ...
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International Missing Children’s Day: talkshow and interview around missing children in migration

This International Missing Children's Day (25 May) Mind the Children raises attention to the pressing issue of thousands of migrant ...
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More than 18,000 migrant children go missing in Europe. “This is a story of humanity”

Lost in Europe revealed in its latest data research that at least 18,292 children in migration have gone missing in ...
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Research Lost in Europe on suicide (attempts) among young asylum seekers

Lost in Europe is researching suicides and suicide attempts among refugee children and young people in the Netherlands and Germany ...
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