International Missing Children’s Day: talkshow and interview around missing children in migration

This International Missing Children’s Day (25 May) Mind the Children raises attention to the pressing issue of thousands of migrant children that go missing in Europe every year. We do that with a special episode of Free Press Unlimited’s Studio Free Press Matters on Mind the Children and an interview with Aagje Ieven, Secretary General of Missing Children Europe.

The latest data research from Lost in Europe revealed that more than 18,292 migrant children have gone missing in Europe between 2018-2020. In a special Free Press Matters episode around Mind the Children, data journalist Adriana Homolova from Lost in Europe and Veronika Pisorn from Defence for Children-ECPAT Netherlands share their work and thoughts on this pressing issue.

Watch it here:

Interview Aagje Ieven: “This is a story of humanity.”

Missing Children Europe is one of the organisations that has initiated the annual International Missing Children’s Day, and on this day every year, publishes a facts & figures report including new statistics on missing children in migration. We spoke with Secretary General Aagje Ieven about the reasons why these children go missing, how we can prevent this from happening, and how we can join forces on this.

The most likely result in a missing child in migration case, is that the child is not found.

Aagje Ieven – Secretary General of Missing Children Europe

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Photo in header by Daniel Osorio (Dani Oshi).