Dutch parliament demands clarification on disappearances

6 June 2020

The Dutch parliament is demanding clarification from responsible secretary on the disappearance of hundreds of Nigerian asylum seekers from Dutch asylum centers.

Research by Argos and NRC Handelsblad in the context of the Lost in Europe project showed that last year almost a thousand Nigerian asylum seekers had left with an unknown destination. Nobody knows where they are and what happened to them. In January of this year alone, another 128 Nigerian asylum seekers disappeared. There are many signs of human trafficking, and even baby trafficking is a serious scenario. Dozens of heavily pregnant women have left the shelter.

Shocked responses

Different parties in the Dutch House of Representatives have reacted with shock and demand clarification. “I am really shocked how many women have disappeared here and that we are dealing with baby trafficking – also because apparently there was a warning from Nigeria. What was done with that warning? Where have these women and babies gone?”, says Member of Parliament Anne Kuik.

Read the full article by Argos here (in Dutch).

Photo: © Geesje van Haren, VersPers, Lost in Europe