The role of investigative journalism in ending human trafficking

For EU Anti-Trafficking Day, Mind the Children produced a series of interviews with three perspectives on the fight against human trafficking: the point of view of investigative journalists, the justice system and victim shelters. Here, we share our conversation with investigative journalists Doruntina Islamaj (VRT NWS, part of Lost in Europe) and Roeland Termote (De Standaard) who, together with Kristof Clerix (Knack) and Débora Votquenne (VRT NWS), brought to light the exploitation of Vietnamese minors in Belgian nail salons. Their reporting has won the Belgian press prize Belfius.

You can watch the video underneath.

Investigative journalists Doruntina Islamaj en Roeland Termote talk about how they contribute to the fight against human trafficking.

The full interview can be found on the website of Defence for Children-ECPAT Netherlands.

Photo: © VRT.